How to Configure Connector for IVRS?

The Connector is used to connect the calls to a particular department or Agent.
How to create a Connector?
Select Cloud Phone from Conversations:

Click on Apps from Manage

Click on Connector 2.1 from CloudPhone Apps:

Click on Add New:

Enter Name, select Type,Department,Call Type,Sticky,Recording,Default Hold Tune,Ring Time(sec),Max Call Time,If Answered Go To App,If Not Answered Go To App:

Click on Save:

Connector added successfully:

How to edit Connector ?
Click on Edit icon after selecting Connector 2.1 from apps:

Enter the modified details and click Save:

Connector updated successfully:

How to delete an Connector ?

Click on Delete icon after selecting Connector 2.1 from Apps:

Connector deleted successfully:

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