What are your payment terms?


Your SaleSquared account is a prepaid account - Just as telecom operators offer prepaid SIM card mobile number connections, Your account will stay active, and all its features are accessible until it expires or if you have no money left in your balance. That is, 

Validity: You can choose from different denominations to extend the validity period of your account. If you purchase a pack with 180 days of validity today (Say, 1st January 2019), your account will expire on 31st June 2019. If you do another 180-day recharge one month down the line (On, say, 1st June 2019), your expiration date now will be 26th December 2019 because your earlier validity expiry date was 31st June 2019 - the validity period will be extended from the date it expires. Any pending balance will be carried forward if you recharge your account before expiration. However, recharging a post-expired account will not allow you to reclaim any unused credit.

Topup: Having a Topup on hand is helpful if you need to reload your call balance but still have some days of validity remaining. For example, if you run a voice campaign of Rs. 5500 on 25th June and are left with just Rs 500, you could "Top Up" your account for an additional amount, such as Rs.500 to Rs.5,000.

Refunds: Currently, we cannot provide refunds for pre-payments. You can use the unused credits to purchase other services we offer in your region.

Temporary suspension: We're sorry, but suspending your account temporarily is impossible as this feature is not currently supported.

Tax: The terms are compliant with the applicable governing law.

SaleSquared's payment plan works similarly to prepaid cards or wallets. You can buy credits to make calls, send SMS, create short links, validate emails, install apps, or add users. All the applicable charges for these activities are visible.

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