Why am i charged for incoming calls?


Incoming calls to any phone are free when dialled from a landline or mobile phone in India. While SaleSquared does charge for incoming calls to your number from IVR, we aren't trying to be immoral. We want to provide the best services and deliver a great customer experience.

Here's why we've included a charge for the services:

Our cloud platform provides virtual numbers, enabling us to do things like play a greeting, direct calls to relevant team members and record all incoming calls. This makes communications more accessible and more profitable. In addition, our software facilitates an automatic outbound call from our virtual number to the user's phone, connecting you with the caller as soon as they contact us. This system helps to route calls quickly to your team reliably and efficiently.

When your Agents get an inbound call from your virtual number, they will see it on the caller ID. For this reason, any inbound call to them will be considered an outbound call, and you'll be charged accordingly per the terms of your Bill Plan.

Making outbound calls involves two legs. The first leg is your Agent, and the second call leg is your Customer/lead. We call your Agent first, then reach their customer/lead and bridge them together. In this way, we can facilitate the connection between both parties. Hence two outbound calls are placed from your virtual number to connect two phone numbers.

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