What are the inbound and outbound call charges?


Call charges for the IVR plan depend on the plan you choose.

SaleSquared offers two types of plans:

  1. Unlimited Calls Plans: where inbound & outbound calls are free. 
  2. Unlimited Channels Plan: where inbound & outbound calls are charged for every minute starting at Rs.50/min.

Call charges for inbound and outbound calls are as follows:

Calls to Indian phone numbers:
Pricing starts from**
Inbound - Single-Leg Call Charges (Local & STD - INR 0.50/min)

Inbound - Double-Leg Call Charges (Local & STD - INR 1.00/min)

Outbound - Double-Leg Call (1st leg is agent and the 2nd leg is customer) Charges (Local & STD - INR 1.00/min)
**The prices vary based on the volume of calls. Talk to sales for more, or sign up and test our free three-day trial.

Calls to International numbers:
Pricing varies on the country you want to make or receive calls from. Contact our international sales for pricing details.

Note: The above are estimated prices. To get a correct price estimation based on your volumes and use case, please get in touch with our sales team at +91-82639-12345 or sales@salesquared.io 

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