How to Configure Android Telecalling?


1.How to Create a List

Select Lists from Contacts:

Click on Create List:

Select New and browse the contacts list which are in .CSV format  into CSV File:

After browsing the file enter the List Name, select the Name,Mobile,Email,Mobile2:

Click on Upload:

records uploaded successfully:

 How to add Contacts to an existing List ?

Select Lists from Contacts:

Click on Create List:

Select Existing,List Name, browse the contacts in CSV File

Click on Upload:

List data added successfully:

3.How to create a user ?

Select User Settings-User List from Settings:

Click on Add New:

Enter the Name, User Email,Phone number,Password,Description, select Modules ,Enable:

Click on save:

user added successfully:

How to Login user ?

To Login user first we have to verify mail id and mobile number

First Login to the portal enter User ID and Password:

Click on SIGN IN:

A verification mail will be sent to your email click on link to Verify:

Email verified successfully.
Now Login to salesquared app with user id and password:

Click on Login:

For new user Login verify mobile number through OTP:

Click on Verify:

user verified successfully.

How to assign list to the users ?

Select Telecalling -Campaign V1 from Marketing:

Click on Create Campaign:

Enter Campaign Name, select List,Assign To,Count:

Click on  Assign:

Campaign Assigned successfully.

7.How to do Telecalling ?

Login to Salesquared app through User Id and Password:

Click on Login:

Select Telecalling:

Click on Campaign Test:

Click on Pending:

Click on Phone:

If Answered

Click on Answered:

Select call description, select Add To Lead if want, enter note if required:

You can send message to the caller by clicking on Send SMS,Send Email,Send Whatsapp:

Click on Save:

Updated successfully:

if Not Answered.

Select Not Answered:

Select call description, enter note if need:

you can send message to the callers by clicking on Send SMS,Send Email,Send Whatsapp:

Click on Save:

Update successfully:

How to view the Reports in the Android Telecalling ?

Select TC Report form Telecalling

Now you can see the Report:

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