How to configure Out bound call through Bitrix?

How to add Outbound calling in Bitrix?

Click on Market:

Select Development Resources:

Select Common User case:

Select Others:

Click on Outbound webhook:

Enter the URL( in the Your handler URL:

Copy the Application token number in a notepad:

Select External phone call start in events:

Click on Save:

Select Others in Common User case:

Select Inbound Webhook:

Select method as telephony.externalcall.finish:

Copy the URL into a notepad:

Select Cloud Telephony in Assign permissions:

Click on Save:

Now we have to paste the copied application token and URL in the Salesquared portal Bitrix module.

First login to the salesquared portal

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Select Bitrix List from Settings:

Click on Add New:

Enter Name, select DID, and paste the application token in the Authentication code and URL in the Webhook URL:

Click on Save:

How to configure the Cloud Telephony in Bitrix

Click on more:

Select Telephony:

Select Connection:

Select Cloud Telephony:

Select Telephony settings in Cloud Telephony:

Select Application: Outbound webhook in default number for outgoing calls:

Select Application: Outbound webhook Forward call to the backup number from:

Select Create separate chart for each call Display telephony calls in messenger:

Click on save:

How to add Employee ID of Bitrix in salesquared.

First we have to check the Employee user ID in Bitrix

Click on Company:

Click on Employees:

Click on Employee Name:

The User ID of the employee will displayed in the URL:

Now login to salesquared.

Click on Cloud Telephony from conversations:

Click on Employees:

Click on Edit of an Employee:

Enter the Bitrix agent number in the place of extension no:

Click on Update:

Now login to Bitrix and click on Make a call Option:

This is how to make an Outbound call through Bitrix.

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