Why should you choose us over other providers?


When you are choosing a cloud communication platform, quality and reliability should be given the highest priority instead of pricing.

Because every phone call is important for modern-day businesses.

The below are features that make or break communication of any business.

Tech Stack: Our enterprise platform is built on a powerful tech stack that consists of HTML, Bootstrap, JQuery, PHP, MySQL, and 20+ other technologies.

Multi-operator support: SaleSquared voice gateways are connected with multiple Telecom Operators like Airtel, Vodafone, Jio & Tata.

Scalability: The scalability of an application is equally important as its features and user interface. It becomes even more important if the voice server is going to serve hundreds of calls parallelly. Hence we hosted our solution in Amazon EC2.

Redundancy: It is quite common for telecom providers to undergo cable/fibre cut issues. Hence we hosted our voice server at multiple locations to avoid service interruptions.

Premium Support: Our customers always receive premium service at no extra cost. Our engineers run the support center 24x7. We care about our customers.

Data Security: We have unbreakable security measures and use safety barriers like 128-bit SSL security, Cloudflare, RECAPTCHA and Site lock malware scanner.

Features: Call transfer, call conferencing, call forwarding, call recording, multiple call distribution modes, voice mail, call APIs, call notifications via SMS, email and others.

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