How to Configure Missed Call Caller Tune?


How to Configure Missed Call Caller Tune?

1.How to add Missed Call Callertune ?

Select Cloud-Phone from Conversations:

Select Apps from Manage:

Select Missed Call Callertune from Apps:

Click on Add New:

Enter Name, select Audio,Go To App:

Click on Save:

Missed Call Callertune saved successfully:

How to edit an Missed Call Callertune ?

Click on Edit icon form Missed Call Callertune:

Enter the details to modify and click on Update:

Missed Call Callertune updated successfully:

How to delete an Missed Call Callertune ?

Click on Delete icon in Missed Call Callertune:

Missed Call Callertune deleted successfully:

2.How to Create Flow?

  Click on Manage Missed Call:

Click on Flows:

Click on Add New:

Enter Name, select Type,GoTo App:

Click on Save:

Flow created succesfully:

How to Edit a Flow ?

Click on Edit icon in Flows:

Enter the details to update and click on Update:

Flow Updated Successfully:

How to Delete a Flow?

Click on Delete icon in Flows:

If you want to conform to delete it click on Yes else click on No:

Flow Deleted successfully:

3.How to Configure the Flow to DID ?

Click on Cloudphone Config in Manage Missed Call:

Click on Advance:

Select Flow Type and Flow:

Click on Update:

Flow Configured Successfully:

4.How to check the Missed Call Report ?

Click on Manage Missed Call:

Click on 

Select the date and click on Show:

you can download the Report by clicking  on Download button:

Report Downloaded successfully:

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