How to Configure simple SMS for Bulk SMS?


How to Create a List?

Select Lists from Contacts:

Click on Create List:

Select .csv file, enter List Name, select Name,Mobile number,Email,Mobile number 2:

Click on Upload:

List uploaded successfully:

2.How to Create a Template ?

Select Smart SMS for Conversations:

Click on Template:

Click on Add New:

Enter Template Name,Template Text,Template ID,Status Enable:

Click on Save:

Template added successfully:

How to Send Simple SMS?

Select Smart SMS from Conversations:

Select Send SMS:

Select Routes, Sender ID, select Numbers in TO, Number, enter Message, Schedule Date-Time:

Click on Send:

SMS send successfully:

4.How to send a Group or Multi-Group SMS?

Select Smart SMS-Send SMS from  Conversations:

Select Route, Sender ID, List in To, enter Message:

Select a single Group or Multi-Group :

You can send message later by Schedule the date-time: 

Click on send:

Message send successfully:

How to view the SMS report?

Select Manage SMS from Conversations:

Click on Report:

Select List in Report Type and Click on Show:

Now you see the SMS delivery Report:

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